Monday, January 5, 2009

How much can a person do in one day

My first blog entry, so I will introduce myself.
I am a "lunch lady", a seasonal receptionist, a potter and a brick and mortar store owner (where I sell my pottery in addition to doing shows and selling online). Some days it all seems a little overwhelming. Hence, I am a part time person, but a fulltime workerbee.
I have a goal for 2009....well, actually I have many. One was to set up a blog to network with all my muddy, pottery making friends, especially the online etsy mud team friends, who have been nothing short of fabulous. I am going to feature one of those members here as often as I can.....they all deserve their 15 seconds of fame!
Then, I am going to get my paperwork together and start inputting all of my tax information for my preparer. Believe me this will be the most stressful of tasks I plan on doing in January. Last year it took me 3 solid days to get everything organized and completed. I will do better for the next tax year, and not let everything pile up for 365 days.
Can I get all this done in one day?