Thursday, April 29, 2010

Fungus On A Stick - what next!

Just got 50 lbs cone 6 porcelain to try working with, a diversion from the same old stoneware. It feels so wonderfully soft in my hands, almost too delicate to use in the manner I am accustomed to working with clay (which amounts to manhandling the stiff and groggy clays I have been using). So I have ideas, I want to throw some little earth sprout weed pots with it for sure, and some other ideas. But all that needs to wait until I clean out my wheel and tools, buckets, etc, so that I have a clean surface. Don't want to turn my nice white porcelain all brown from the residual stonewares.

So I spend a few minutes pondering just where to start in cleaning up my studio. I really need to find a different place for my driftwood. I have a huge laundry basket, plus a big bucket and a really huge bureau drawer all full of driftwood sticks. I do use a lot of driftwood in my pieces, but some "plain old sticks" that are a bit too large or too plain always sit in a pile taking up precious space just waiting for me to either get rid of them or decide how I can use them.

Sitting on the floor, I grabbed one of those "just too plain" sticks, opened up my bag of porcelain and started sculpting some fungus around the stick.

So here it is, in it's wet greenware state (which is surprisingly hard to photograph).....presenting.....
Fungus On A Stick!