Saturday, March 8, 2014

Arch Pikes Orange Glaze cone 6

Comments, hints or suggestions to correct this glaze are welcome. Not sure what happened or why, but this glaze didn't turn out orange at all, as per the recipe and comments, looks golden yellow with no hints of orange. :o(
The test pieces were cone 5 porcelain clay on the left and light brown speckled clay on the right.
Here is the recipe I used.
Arch Pikes Orange Glaze (cone 6 ox)
 Neph Sye 24
 Whiting 18
 Silica 18
 Ball Clay 9
 Zinc Ox 6
 Rutile 19.20
 Zircopax 6
Very Nice Glaze, orange, matt. Really nice on a speckled clay body, with brown specks. (comment from the recipe provider)

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