Sunday, November 17, 2013

Metallic Satiny Copper and Chartreuse Lime Green Glazes tested

This weekends results from the continuing tests of modifying and testing (and re-testing) ingredients and ratios to create both exciting color and silky smooth finish with a shimmer or sparkle:
This week I am looking for an apple to chartreuse green;   sorry my pics are washed out and don't quite show the amt of green they did achieve

One blend of barium glaze with the addition of rutile and copper, plus some titanium yeilded a more limey green when applied very very thin. But a bit too matte with a tendancy towards turquoise where thicker. Also the rutile lent some speckling (probably should have seived it better).  Interesting but not exciting.

Then I tested with chrome, adding high amounts of lithium in hopes of that sparkle, a good but not saturated enough yellow green color response, and a totally crazed finish and I mean badly.  (I am sure I am part to blame for removing it from the kiln just a bit early - however, I think this would have crazed even if I had waited)  Further tweaking to that test glaze with the additions of more barium,alumina, neph and a scosh of titanium.  This yielded a smoother less crazed finish, but lost some of the green and leaned more yellow.  My next modification of that will be to add some more chrome and a little more flint.  The one thing I found really exciting about this blend is near the top and bottom where I applied some RIO and Mng wash the line where the yellow green and the black meet turned a brilliant turquoise.

The thing that grabbed me the most was an unexpected shimmery smooth metallic burnt copper orange in a small area inthe well of the foot of a piece I had refired, where I had failed to wash away all of the glaze from the dunk.  Now if I can only figure out what created that!

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