Saturday, November 9, 2013

Glaze with a pearly sheen..... More testing ensues in my never ending search for "The Glaze"

I have been running a lot of tests tweaking and tweaking that barium glaze recipe for my little weed pots over the past week.  I veered off the purple variation for now looking for additional colors I could call my own.  Had a number of disappointments, but also some really promising ones.  My favorite tonite is a lovely mint green with yellow, which I will enhance with a bit more copper in the next batch to see if I can get a bit more of an apple green.   But I can't stop looking at it, it has a lot of promise!  Also born was an interesting deep mottled forest green and a super pretty medium blue purple too.  The light turquoise as well as the mint both have a lovely sheen, sadly the turquoise has to be applied so thin to retain the color that the throwing lines on the pot shows through and the texture is a bit too dry for my liking.  I guess burnishing them will help in that respect and maybe taking it up another cone.  I love the sheer veil and sheen in the turquoise, even with as hard as it is to get an even application,  so it will be worth the extra time to do that.  Take a peek at my results from todays kiln offering.



  1. Hello, would you be willing to share recipe, that's beautiful!